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Your source for luxury authentication services

Do you have your eye on that designer bag you have looked everywhere for, but are afraid to buy a fake? Always be sure to Authenticate First before you buy or sell.

FACT: Scammers will stop at nothing to cheat you out of your money. Some websites and sellers do all they can to look legitimate, even guaranteeing authenticity and providing you with the paperwork, tags, boxes, dust bags and everything else that should come with authentic designer goods.  The truth is, there are more websites offering counterfeit goods than the real thing.  Almost any online source or private sale is putting you and your money at risk.  While pre-loved bags are more affordable in most instances, you leave yourself vulnerable to con artists or good folks who just don't know any better.  Unless you are buying directly from the designer boutique or their official website, you really don't know what you will get.

So, how are you to know which bags are truly authentic and which are not?

That's where Authenticate First comes in. Authenticate First provides both pre-purchase and post-purchase evaluations.  And, in the event you did not authenticate first and bought a confirmed fake, Authenticate First can provide claim filing assistance.  All of our authentications are done via photographs, making our services a quick and inexpensive way to buy and sell luxury goods.

For a full list of the services we offer, please see the Authentication Services page.



Great Reasons to Use Authenticate First

  • Buy and Sell Online with Confidence
  • Low Authentication Fees
  • Avoid Online Scams
  • Avoid PayPal and Credit Card Disputes
  • Quick Turn Around Service
  • Highly Established Qualified Authenticators



Are you a consignment shop, website or other type of business who needs regular authentications? We would love to work with you and we offer special business pricing. Please contact us for more information.


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